How to Become a AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become one of the leading brands in the field of cloud computing. It is adopted by many companies due to its amazing server facility, robust scalability, and security. Due to its increasing popularity, more jobs have become available in AWS management. If you are looking for a job and career as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, then you should learn its basics.

Today, AWS has been embraced by both large-scale and small-scale companies. You can follow this article for the best-guided career path for effective results. This guide will be beneficial for you, so make sure that you follow it seriously and with great dedication. It will definitely increase your chance of becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and getting a high-paid job in the market.

Whether you are an IT experienced or a newcomer to IT, you can easily go through this career path and improve your skills accordingly. First, you need to understand what an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is and what their role is.

Who is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

Before moving further, you must understand what an AWS Solutions Architect does. Being an AWS Solutions Architect is a challenging role and comes with the below-mentioned roles and responsibilities.

  • They can conduct an architectural analysis and customize the enterprise-wide systems.
  • They help in delivering one of the strongest systems with the help of the appliance architecture team.
  • They can develop, enhance, and maintain the established procedure of service design for providing robust service design
  • They work closely with the enterprise architect in order to create the architecture and strategic blueprints.
  • They can connect the business objective to technology-enabled results.
  • They can create advanced cloud-based solutions where they can transfer their workload.
  • They can protect the running applications from potential downtime, risks, errors, etc.
  • They work on Amazon’s best practices for each phase that includes planning, designing, and scaling AWS cloud implementation.
  • They can plan, design, and execute any complex company level solution configuration
  • They can easily collaborate with the IT development team and ensure a suitable translation of architectural solutions into effective implementation.
  • They can easily initiate the contact with the client for providing a complete team effort

How to become an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS Solutions Architects have a long list of responsibilities, which entails a strong skillset and experience in order to Below we have created a road map for getting there and achieving what you want.

Select the right training program

There are various online and offline training programs available in the market that will lead you to your destination. Also, you can go for a certification program. If you wanna get high skills and clear the certification exam, you need a strong grip on your basics that can only be achieved if you go for the best and most detailed training programs. A good training program will make you ready for a suitable job with the right skills and make you stand out from your competitors. You can find the best learning platforms via various ways as mentioned below.

  • Research online: you can do an online search and find the right recommendation from reliable sources and various forums for finding the right platform for taking the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam. Make sure you choose the platform that has the maximum rating and positive reviews from their previous customers who have already opted for their training programs.
  • Look for the recommendations: look for the people in your connection who have appeared for the AWS Solutions Architect or are currently preparing for it. If you do not find such people then you check for various forums and join various AWS groups. Try to engage in communication with the learners and request a referral. In such a way, you will save hours for finding the right platform.
  • You can even connect with cloud training experts on various social media platforms.

Make sure that your chosen platform will-

  • Offer in-depth knowledge of AWS concepts that will help you in passing the certification.
  • Come with hands-on practice exercises that will help in boosting your understanding.
  • Comes with an active AWS community where you can clear your doubts.

Go for the Associate level exam for AWS Solutions Architect

During your training, you need to focus on those concepts that will help you in passing the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate exam. As soon as you pass this exam, most companies will recognize you as a potential candidate, and you will be given preference over those without this certification.

Go for Solutions Architect Projects

Once you clear the exam, then you can start your job hunt with the right skills at your disposal. It is better that you gain some experience by working on various projects before you apply for the job. In this way, you will get the understanding and confidence of giving an interview for the job. If you are not from the right background to apply for an AWS Solutions Architect job then you should create some projects of your own to showcase your potential to employers.

If you work on AWS-related projects, then you will develop a strong portfolio for the job now that you have the combination of certification and work experience that will increase your chances of getting the job.

Required skills for becoming an AWS Solutions Architect

Well, only having a certificate is not enough if you do not have the right skills for the job. You can go through the below-mentioned skills that are required for the role.

  • Communication skills: it is an important part of the AWS Solutions Architect role as AWS Solutions Architect has to communicate with the clients and sales team. So you must possess good verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills: as an AWS Solutions Architect has to work with customers to solve their day to day problems.
  • Adaptability skills: however, the role of an AWS Solutions Architect is not limited to a single task but may include migration work, writing codes, client meetings, solving complex problems, and many more. Thus you have to be adaptable as per the changing work requests.
  • Time management skills: as an AWS Solutions Architect has to manage various tasks daily, it is important that they have time management skills for completing each task efficiently without any distraction in mind. Time management can be done by planning your whole day’s task or prioritizing your work.
  • Stay updated: AWS is evolving each day and many useful changes have been made to it. Thus, those who are preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect then need to stay updated and make sure you are considering those sources for learning that have updated information on AWS. Even after you get the job, you require continuous training to stay updated and implement the changes within your work.

Is Coding required to become an AWS Solutions Architect?

This is one of the major questions that arise in every aspiring mind of an AWS Solutions Architect. Do they have to code or what programming language should they focus on? Well, the role of an AWS Solutions Architect does not require in-depth knowledge of any programming language, but having the core basis clear is important as sometimes they need to develop or deploy the application, so they won’t face any challenge in doing so. So make sure they have your basics clear enough that they can understand what is written in the scripts if required.


AWS has been widely adopted by numerous companies around the world and is the leading provider of cloud services. The demand for AWS Solutions Architects is therefore increasing. AWS provides a large online community and online resources that will assist you in getting used to this role. The following roadmap will help you get your dream job and excel above your competition. Make sure to get the best resource online to start your training and get the required help from its community and various forums.

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