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AWS vs Azure: Comparison, Pros & Cons

AWS vs Azure: Comparison, Pros & Cons If you are looking for an appropriate cloud service provider for your business, then you might have a few options to choose from. Now AWS and Azure are the most significant names in this industry but picking one between them isn’t easy. If you explore the services, both of these cloud… Read More »

How to Become a AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become one of the leading brands in the field of cloud computing. It is adopted by many companies due to its amazing server facility, robust scalability, and security. Due to its increasing popularity, more jobs have become available in AWS management. If you are looking for a job and career as an AWS… Read More »

AWS Bottlerocket vs Google Container-Optimized OS

The concept of containerization is not new but has gained much popularity in recent times due to the immense benefits offered by it. Most companies are now focusing on running their applications as containers using commonly used container platforms. Today, we have got various container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and many best practices to implement. These technologies help… Read More »

What is AWS Used For? What are The Benefits?

The full form of AWS is Amazon Web Services which is a cloud computing platform designed and developed by Amazon. Web services are a combination of infrastructure as a service or IaaS, platform as a service or PaaS, and packaged software service offerings or SaaS. AWS offers organizations some tools such as processing power, database storage, and content… Read More »

What is Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service?

By sharing their workload, Kubernetes has changed the way many companies work. By using Kubernetes, you can seamlessly scale traffic changes. It helps in automating your container workflow. Additionally, Kubernetes provides container orchestration for your containers. You can improve Kubernetes performance by running it on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Running Kubernetes on EKS will give you more… Read More »

AWS vs Google Cloud

Title: Google Cloud versus Amazon Web Services Description: This article will help the readers understand differences between Google cloud vs AWS, their pros and cons, advantages to help you make informed decisions. Various large and small companies these days use cloud computing services to store their data and infrastructure via a third party cloud service. It helps with… Read More »

What is AWS Certification? Detailed Explanation for Beginners

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services certification, which is a professional certificate for technical experts who have experience with cloud platforms and IT infrastructures. You need to clear one or multiple exams about the public or private cloud servers to get certified. This certificate will demonstrate that you have knowledge in the Amazon Web Services field and you… Read More »

AWS Books

AWS Books Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most prominent and widely-used cloud service, providing more than 200 fully functional services from worldwide data centers. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, the most recognized companies, and top government agencies, use AWS to cut costs, be more agile and develop faster. AWS is gaining popularity. AWS has grown… Read More »

Kubernetes vs AWS ECS

Container technology has been around since the late 1970s, but Docker was the first to make a name for itself in 2013. Since then, the use of containers has become quite common and altered the DevOps environment as well as the way we create, ship, and operate distributed applications. It’s no coincidence that Docker and container use is… Read More »