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Github Actions Overview

GitHub offers an assortment of tools for users, including wiki pages for code collaboration and feature requests, integrations with other platforms like JIRA and Confluence, and more. It also offers Actions, which automate the completion of common tasks through simple integrations via API calls. Actions can be built using Javascript or any language by using cognitеct’s CLI toolkit.… Read More »

How to Create Branch in Git

Branching in Git means to diverge from the main developing line and make changes in different branches. This is done to not disturb the development process in the mainline. Branching operations in Git are simpler and instantaneous. It can merge unlimited branches in a single day that aids the workforce. Git saves data as snapshots by storing commit… Read More »

What is a Storage Area Network?

Every computer network that we have heard about has a specific storage area. The old, traditional networks didn’t have any specified destination; rather they were often stored in a scattered manner across different workgroups and organizations. Some of the network storage was found inside the file server while the others were connected directly to the individual file servers.… Read More »

How to Install Ruby on Ubuntu 18.04?

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages among web developers since it is mainly used to create web applications. Ruby is a general-purpose language with several other applications like prototyping, data analysis, and many more. The main reason why people prefer Ruby on Ubuntu is that most of the code is written on a Linux server.… Read More »

How to Install Git on Ubuntu?

For every developer and programmer, source code is like life. They spend most of their time writing it, testing it, debugging it, etc. Therefore, they must be aware of any changes made in it. When you are working on a program all by yourself, keeping track of the changes in source code is no big deal. However, the… Read More »

AWS Interview Questions

Cloud technology has been adopted by many companies since its introduction. Amazon Web Services is one of the cloud computing services that Amazon offers. It is widely used and has the largest market share globally. As it has been adopted a lot, there is also an increase in the demand for professionals who will be able to fill… Read More »

What is Malware?

Security is the prime concern for every business. With the increase in online business, people tend to save their crucial business-related information at any cost. Most companies implement various security measures to protect the identity and important information of the users. Even with the online banking system and online transaction process, it is a necessity to have strong… Read More »

Kubernetes Monitoring

What is Kubernetes Monitoring Kubernetes is a Linux computer platform that automates Linux container operations. What are container operations? Those operations run on different operating systems that are independent of the central system. They are necessary for testing and other computer applications. Sometimes when developers develop security or other applications, they depend on the computer they are working… Read More »

What is a Spark Data Frame?

In a Big-data environment, DataFrame represents the pinnacle of Spark’s technological developments. Spark DataFrames are distributed big data processing tools that combine an integrated data structure with an easy-to-use API. Java, Python, and Scala, as well as other general-purpose programming languages, can access DataFrames. This is an extension to the Spark RDD API that makes writing code more… Read More »