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What are Kubernetes Services?

Kubernetes service is an abstract service that exposes an application on a set of Pods along with a policy to access them. Kubernetes services are logical abstractions used on a group of pods in a cluster. A service assigns a single DNS name and a unique IP address to a set of pods that are responsible for performing… Read More »

How to Install PIP in CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows?

If you are looking to install PIP on CentOS, Ubuntu, or Windows, you first need to understand what PIP is and what it does. Well, PIP is a standard package manager for Python. If you want to install additional libraries that are unavailable in the Python standard library, PIP is the best option you have. So, let’s learn… Read More »

Using the lsof Command in Linux with Examples

If you use a Linux system, you may know that Linux manages all the files under the File category and arranges them in specific folders. You will see many files and folders in your Linux computer that your system accesses whenever needed. However, all these files and folders are not always visible. They can be hidden but with… Read More »

Kubectl Commands

Containers have completely changed the way of developing and deploying modern software. They ease the management process and scalability of applications and are now being adopted by software companies all around the globe. But along with the tons of benefits, they also get complicated as organizations may have to deploy thousands of containers, and managing them manually becomes… Read More »

Top Docker Interview Questions and Answers in 2021

With over 8 billion container image downloads by the end of 2017, Docker has turned out to be a big success. And since then, the increasing demand for Docker resulted in more job openings. This blog contains Docker interview questions that cover a range of topics, including: Containers, Docker registry, Fundamental components of the Docker architecture, and The… Read More »