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How to Install PIP to Manage Python Packages on Windows?

When it comes to managing Python packages on Windows, you need to learn a lot before downloading PIP. PIP, commonly known as Preferred Installer Program, is a Python package installer. Manually downloading, installing, and managing packages can be time-consuming and irritating. In order to simplify things considerably, many Python developers use a custom tool called PIP for Python… Read More »

How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10?

In the programming world, Python is a very familiar name, and most programmers are adept at writing codes in Python. People who have been learning Python and are eager to put it to work often ask, “How can I install Python 3 on Windows 10?”.” The question is obvious as Windows doesn’t have a system-supported installation for Python.… Read More »

Install Apache Spark on Windows 10

Some people think that installing Apache Spark on your PC is rocket science. To be honest, it is not. Believe us, by the end of this article you will know how easy it is to install Apache Spark as this article will discuss the easy step-by-step guide on how to install Apache Spark on Windows 10. Apache Spark… Read More »

How to Check Java Version on Mac or Windows Computer?

There are many languages spoken worldwide, but in the technological industry, it is vital to know the programming languages that only a computer understands. Java is such a programming language. Web applications, programs, and software are all operated using the Java programming language. Java is a computing platform and a general-purpose high-level computer programming language. It gives the… Read More »

How to Install Git on Centos, Ubuntu, and Windows?

Git is an immensely popular distributed version control system that helps users in managing all kinds of projects efficiently. More specifically, Git enables tracking of code changes, creating different code branches, and collaborating with a team of developers along with providing many more features. In fact, Git also hosts one of the most popular open-source projects, Linux Kernel.… Read More »

How to Install Kubernetes on Windows and macOS?

Kubernetes was designed to help developers easily manage their cloud resources as well as build scalable apps. It is known to be the most popular and helpful tool when it comes to automate, deploy, and scale your cloud applications. Kubernetes supports almost all popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. In this article, we are going to… Read More »

Most Common Run Commands in Windows Explained

If you are using a Windows system, you must be aware of Run commands. These are used to access various settings and applications within the system directly. All you need is to memorize these short commands to speed up your work and enhance productivity. It will help you save much time going through many steps to reach your… Read More »

How to Install Docker on Windows 10?

Practically, all the top organizations around the world have digital services that depend on Docker containers for running their applications. With a Windows installer and a well-documented installation procedure, Docker on Windows has become one of the famous containerization platforms. To set it up, most of us download and use the executable file available on the official website… Read More »