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How To Set Up an Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana (EFK) Logging Stack on

Elasticsearch is a search engine that lets you access information on different platforms. For example, if you are creating an online eCommerce store, setting up an Elasticsearch cluster will help your customers search for their desired products. Apart from serving as a search engine, it also works as an analytics engine. It analyzes the logs of applications and… Read More »

PHP Error Reporting: How to Enable & Display All Errors / Warnings

During the execution of a PHP script, many types of errors and warnings are generated. Errors and error reporting in PHP are something that many newcomers to the language may overlook at first. It is because PHP errors get muted by default on many PHP-based web server configurations. Activating error messages in the production phase is not a… Read More »

What is Server Virtualization?

A server is a dedicated machine that serves the other systems on the network, called clients. A server has its hardware. But in discharging its server duties, it does not fully utilize the resources. So, it is a waste of resources as a server stands no good for any other purpose. This is an old scenario. However, this… Read More »

Methods of Installing Node.js and npm on Ubuntu Server?

What can be better than a platform that allows you to run a specific JavaScript code without a web browser? Well, being a reliable JavaScript environment, Node.js does the work decently. This special feature makes Node.js a great choice for JavaScript developers. Besides, the collaboration of Node.js with npm makes JavaScript coding way easier. Needless to say that… Read More »

What are The Best Docker Webserver Apps?

Today, every enterprise, either small or big, focuses on getting high software agility and productivity. If you are a developer, then you might have heard of Docker. The containerization platform has been gaining momentum since its launch and can be a success if implemented well in the DevOps process. It is a platform with which you will be… Read More »

How to Buy a Docker Server: 10 Best Platforms to Look Forward to

As a professional DevOps developer, you are most definitely aware of Docker and its uses. Well, Docker is the easiest to use application developer platform. It helps you deploy and arrange applications to transfer them on to different systems. While containerizing applications within Docker containers, you will need the best hosting platforms. These platforms will help you manage… Read More »