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How to Become a DevOps Engineer?

Today, DevOps is used by most of companies and is a widely used technology. DevOps engineers are thus in greater demand in the market. In order to become a DevOps engineer, you need to possess a specific skill set and be well-versed in advanced technologies. You must understand the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of a DevOps engineer before… Read More »

Benefits of DevOps

Today, DevOps is an increasingly popular and widely adopted methodology for software development. In the past few years, it has become mainstream, and it is gaining recognition for a reason. It offers immense benefits that make it a preferred choice for all the companies who are into development. It is embraced as a positive extension to the agile… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the DevOps Framework

The digital world is solely based on connections and collaborations among clients, business partners, and development organizations. Swiftness in the field of work is a necessary condition for growth. The swiftness and smoothness in business organizations come from expert human resources, intelligent work processes, and of course fore-front technologies. Technology is involved with almost all digital operations. This… Read More »

DevOps Interview Questions

Today DevOps is considered to be the latest buzzword in the market due to immense benefits offered and how it has changed the SDLC process. Unlike the traditional software development approach like Agile, DevOps majorly focuses on the collaboration of the development and the operational teams. As it has been widely adopted by many organizations in the last… Read More »

DevOps Monitoring

The DevOps methodology has been widely used by businesses to improve the continuous delivery and integration process. One of the main features of DevOps is to automate the process that falls within the DevOps pipeline. Automation has improved the overall effectiveness of the business working. However, the main challenge occurs when we have to maintain and monitor these… Read More »

DevOps Tools

Nowadays, many companies on the market are using the DevOps method to effectively manage CI/CD pipelines. The application provides an environment in which both developers and IT professionals can collaborate to improve the performance and productivity of the system, which leads to the development of high-quality applications. It enhances collaboration between team members from the design phase up… Read More »

DevOps Principles

Before the introduction of DevOps, development and operation teams were isolated. The developers’ task was to write code, and the system administrators focused on the deployment of that code. Due to the lack of communication between these two teams, some impact can be seen on the teams’ productivity, and the performance, delivery, and maintenance of the product. But… Read More »

Agile vs DevOps

Today, the field of software development is evolving, and you can discover a variety of apps in the market. There are two different methodologies for software development – Agile and DevOps. They both aim to create an end product efficiently and quickly as well as one of high quality. Both methods are very popular and many companies are… Read More »

What is Puppet in DevOps?

If you have come across a system administrator, you will know that they always complain that most of their time is wasted in checking the configuration of the servers. If any setting changes and the developers or programmers face any issue, it halts the work and slows down the entire process. You must have heard about Puppet recently.… Read More »

10 Best DevOps Tools You Should Use in 2021

Almost every IT company has included the DevOps process within their system. It is an approach that will manage the CI/CD process more comfortably and efficiently. It has created a platform where both IT operations and the development team can work together as a team throughout the complete software development cycle from the development to the deployment phase.… Read More »