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AWS vs Azure: Comparison, Pros & Cons

AWS vs Azure: Comparison, Pros & Cons If you are looking for an appropriate cloud service provider for your business, then you might have a few options to choose from. Now AWS and Azure are the most significant names in this industry but picking one between them isn’t easy. If you explore the services, both of these cloud… Read More »

Docker CMD vs. Entrypoint Commands: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, the commands in Dockerfile appear to be repeating themselves (or at the very least have significant overlap). ENTRYPOINT and CMD are two Dockerfile directives that are frequently misunderstood. While they both allow you to specify the image’s starting command, there are a few differences between them. You’ll want to utilise one or the other in… Read More »

Comparative Analysis of Cassandra and MongoDB

You must have undoubtedly come across Apache Cassandra and MongoDB if you are looking for a robust NoSQL database. These two popular NoSQL options have a lot less in common than you may think. They are both NoSQL databases that provide companies with dependable scalability for modern data requirements. Launched in succession, Cassandra was created in 2008, while… Read More »

Dockerfile vs Docker Compose

So you’re about to make your first move for deploying Containers? Now, you may be in a dilemma of choosing either the command line that allows you to deploy Containers one by one through long command options or use certain tools that enable you to set a predefined pattern for configuration files and then deploy containers with the… Read More »

Docker ADD vs. COPY: What are the Differences?

When building Dockerfiles, it is common to move files from the host system into the Docker image. Examples include property files, native libraries, and other static information that our applications may need at runtime. The COPY and ADD directives in the Dockerfile specification give two ways to copy files from the source system into an image. Both instructions… Read More »

Docker-compose vs Kubernetes

Docker Compose: Docker Compose is an instrument that was created to help characterize and share multi-compartment applications. With Compose, you can make a YAML record to characterize the administration, and with a solitary order, you can turn everything up or destroy everything. The enormous benefit of utilizing Compose is that you can characterize your application stack in a… Read More »

AWS vs Google Cloud

Title: Google Cloud versus Amazon Web Services Description: This article will help the readers understand differences between Google cloud vs AWS, their pros and cons, advantages to help you make informed decisions. Various large and small companies these days use cloud computing services to store their data and infrastructure via a third party cloud service. It helps with… Read More »

Docker vs Mesos vs Kubernetes

Comparing Docker vs Mesos vs Kubernetes DevOps introduced a new and progressive way to work, which has evolved over time. The product runs deployments using container technology, where you can bundle applications as well as their dependencies together. Any platform can run these packages, irrespective of the infrastructure beneath. It is very efficient to handle a few containers… Read More »

Mesos vs Kubernetes

Mesos vs. Kubernetes Today, every company is dependent on container technology. Containers are the small packages that bundle together your application along with their dependines to run on any environment irrespective of the underlying system and infrastructure. This has changed the working of the industries and is well adopted in the DevOps process. However, you can only manage… Read More »

Difference Between Private and Public Cloud

Private Cloud versus Public Cloud Public clouds enable virtual machines, apps, and storage to be run on shared physical servers. Google, AWS, and Azure are examples of public clouds. Many public clouds offer pay-as-you-go pricing. As a result, you will be charged per use. A payment model like this is a good choice for businesses, especially if you… Read More »