An Informative Guide to Kubernetes Environment Variables

The application of Kubernetes as one of the seamless orchestration platforms is trending. If you’re seeking a decent orchestration platform to complete your Linux projects, you must try Kubernetes. The best thing about this orchestration platform is its utility and customizable features. With Kubernetes, you get the opportunity to create environment variables that allow you to deploy and… Read More »

How to Use the GREP Command in Linux?

All About GREP in Linux GREP or Global Regular Expression Print is the most used command in Linux considering it is one of the most potent commands for system administrators and developers alike. The primary purpose of GREP is to search for specific information using search criteria. Upon entering the search criteria, the expression pattern mentioned in the… Read More »

Dockerfile vs Docker Compose

So you’re about to make your first move for deploying Containers? Now, you may be in a dilemma of choosing either the command line that allows you to deploy Containers one by one through long command options or use certain tools that enable you to set a predefined pattern for configuration files and then deploy containers with the… Read More »

Kubernetes Replication Controller: A Complete Guide

Kubernetes is the steadiest orchestration platform to perform container automation at present. Kubernetes comes with a wide variety of usage and the platform has several properties to know about. If you want to develop and configure an application on Kubernetes, you’re supposed to get the details of the functionality and utility of the different properties of Kubernetes. When… Read More »

How to Check Python Version in Linux, macOS, and Windows?

Guido Van Rossum discovered Python in 1991 and it is widely respected as a programming language. The Python language contains a wide variety of versions, which are released on a regular basis in an organized manner. Because of its wide use, you may also find that some applications are dependent on Python in order to run accurately. It… Read More »

How to Use Comments in Python 3?

It happens with every programmer, be it an expert or a novice, that you need to go back to the code you wrote and make changes in it. When you are writing a small code, for example, adding two numbers, the program is a child’s play. You can do it with the snap of a finger. But what… Read More »

Installing Kubernetes With Minikube

Whether you are a software developer or a DevOps engineer, you must have come across the word Kubernetes. It is currently the most popular container orchestration platform used by several big and small organizations for catalyzing the deployment process and managing Containers working for applications. This widely popular platform has lots of good reasons for one to get… Read More »

Top 15 Kubernetes Tools for Deployment and Monitoring Applications

Kubernetes has outperformed its competitors in container orchestration, even Docker Swarm and Amazon Web Services have acknowledged its brilliance. As a modern container-driven platform for deploying, monitoring, and delivering software applications, Kubernetes is certainly the most advanced. The Kubernetes container platform provides various great tools to help you develop containerized applications. Being an open-source platform, it can easily… Read More »

Cassandra Data Types

Cassandra Data Types include some very powerful and rich collection data types, built-in types, user-defined types, tuple types, etc. These kinds of data types are vital because they enable memory to be configured for storing data that matches the input type. This prevents inaccuracies at both the compiler and programmer levels, while also improving the readability of input… Read More »

What is Cyber Attack?

We live in a generation wherein organizations of almost all types ranging from government and military to medical institutions depend on computers and technology to accomplish their day-to-day activities. However, the technologies that specifically make use of the internet are under constant threat of malicious attacks known as cyber attacks. Majorly done for stealing or altering the computer… Read More »