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An Educational Discussion on Kubernetes Operators and Their Functions

All About Kubernetes Operators and their Functions Today, Kubernetes is sure to be among the leading orchestration platforms. The number of Kubernetes users continues to increase as time passes. Multiple factors have helped make orchestration platforms popular. Kubernetes is a strong candidate for being the most popular orchestration platform in the future due to its presence of Kubernetes… Read More »

An Informative Guide to Kubernetes Environment Variables

The application of Kubernetes as one of the seamless orchestration platforms is trending. If you’re seeking a decent orchestration platform to complete your Linux projects, you must try Kubernetes. The best thing about this orchestration platform is its utility and customizable features. With Kubernetes, you get the opportunity to create environment variables that allow you to deploy and… Read More »

Top 15 Kubernetes Tools for Deployment and Monitoring Applications

Kubernetes has outperformed its competitors in container orchestration, even Docker Swarm and Amazon Web Services have acknowledged its brilliance. As a modern container-driven platform for deploying, monitoring, and delivering software applications, Kubernetes is certainly the most advanced. The Kubernetes container platform provides various great tools to help you develop containerized applications. Being an open-source platform, it can easily… Read More »

What is Container Orchestration? What are Its Benefits?

If you are working with Docker, you may need container orchestration software to manage all your applications and microservices. Container orchestration tool Kubernetes comes with multiple clusters, and those clusters are responsible for hosting application development packages. To manage applications and microservices, developers need a tool that can automate and monitor the process. Container orchestration serves the same… Read More »

How to Containerize Legacy Applications

A legacy application is an old and popular piece of software. In the past, legacy applications were written for operating systems and hardware platforms. Legacy apps were Mainframe applications. However, it is an outdated application, and to run it, it should be converted into a newer and more efficient code using modern technologies and programming languages. There may… Read More »

What is GitLab? Why is it So Popular?

Why is GitLab so Popular? You must have heard application developers talking about Git and GitLab. While they use it almost every day, it’s not usual for a non-technical person to encounter these terms. That’s why most people have only heard the terms but have no idea what it’s all about and often ask what GitLab is. Approx.… Read More »

What is a Data Center? A Complete Overview

Different organizations use data centers to store, process, and distribute data or applications to complete their shared IT operations. Data hubs centralize an organization’s most important assets (data), making them vital for performing daily tasks. Therefore, ensuring the reliability and security of data centres is the top priority for every business that uses them. From on-premise physical hubs… Read More »

What is Application Security? Everything About Securing Software

When you are running an organization, checking for flaws in your software is one of the most important tasks. But only checking does not help; you will have to do something to eliminate those security flaws. Application security is the process of finding and fixing the security flaws of your applications. Mostly, the security process happens during the… Read More »

What is Application Virtualization?

Today as the technology is evolving day by day it is helping everyone in reducing their workload and cost of managing the companies. The technology world has turned tables with the introduction of the concept of virtualization. It has helped the industry take productivity to another level and made every task simple and efficient. One of the major… Read More »

What is Application Modernization?

The IT industry has changed and evolved a lot since the digital transformation. The modernization of tools, companies, and technology has become a necessity over time. Modernizing their technology in order to make benefits out of it is the goal of every company these days. A growing number of companies are now using cloud technology for storing their… Read More »